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“Don’t say anything online that you wouldn’t want plastered on a billboard with your face on it.” – Erin Bury, Sprouter community manager

“This is no longer a gimmick. This is how the American people want to receive their news and want to hear from us.”  Nick Schaper, new-media director for Speaker John Boehner

“You can be professional while also ‘keeping it real’ with your customers. By interacting with customers in a less formal way, you’ll build a strong human connection that helps build brand loyalty.” — David Hauser, co-founder of Grasshopper

“The common reputation of Twitter is that it’s frivolous, which isn’t the case. If it’s set up right, it’s a rich environment of lots of learning and sharing of important material. It’s not just ‘what I had for breakfast.”
Lee Rainie, director of the Pew Research Centers’ Internet and American Life Project

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