Jacquelyn Gutc headshot 2017It’s so thrilling to feel the spark of that aha moment when I craft a mission statement that perfectly hits the mark or copy for marketing collateral that makes a splash but also makes a point with a strong call-to-action or draft a blog post that’s informative but colorful.

The inspiration for achieving these moments comes from clients who aren’t necessarily passionate about marketing and writing, but are passionate about what they offer the world and want to share it. It also comes from well-done marketing around me that gives me something to aspire to. And it comes from brainstorming and melding my creative juices with those of the clients and other marketers who offer different perspectives and strengths from mine.

While I was one of the fortunate people who knew going into college what I wanted to pursue (journalism), I could not have predicted how I would come to understand my love of writing as more than just that simple act. It’s about the art of crafting the right content that draws people in while sharing facts, ideas and information and helping people understand new concepts.

As a copywriter, my focus has shifted from that of a reporter, but there are parallels in the need for research, writing creatively but truthfully and breaking down complex ideas.

I’m excited about helping businesses and nonprofits find the best marketing avenues and verbiage to share the information they want to share with the people they want to share it with and for their audiences to see why they are better than the rest.

Please take a look around the pages on this site to get a feel for the kind of marketing and journalism work I’ve done so far. More examples are available upon request.

For information about hiring me for a project, please head on over to my company website, Magpie-Media.com. For employment opportunities, please email me at jdgutc@gmail.com.

Thanks for stopping by!

— Jacquelyn